Security and Communications


CheckWan UTM+: Networks and Safety

The report carried out

The data processing departments are confronted with permanent challenges. They must set up new functionalities to accompany the evolutions by their company. To take care of the computer security while protecting itself from threats increasingly more present. To ensure an optimal quality of service of the infrastructures. And all that within budgetary limits increasingly more restricted.

With that are added today legal requirements which responsabilisent the leaders, or the data processing departments themselves, on the use which is made of Internet by the users of the company.

Our objectives and our solutions:

CheckWan took into account the whole of these parameters to propose a solution which answers the following objectives:

  • To offer new functionalities and to follow the technological changes
  • To make safe the accesses networks and to guarantee a quality of service
  • To know what circulates on the networks and capacity to answer the question “which does what” that it is with an aim of management of the productivity or by respect of the laws
  • To propose a material and software guarantee wide
  • To manage these solutions most simply possible and in a centralized way
  • To control their budget in investment as under operation

The CheckWan advantages

The advantages of a single solution CheckWan UTM+ to manage safety are immediate:

  • No architecture complexes to go up
  • No the hole of safety
  • A fast installation
  • A simple formation
  • A centralized administration
  • And thus a cost of exploitation decreased

With that the advantages common to all the CheckWan solutions are also added, namely:

  • A guarantee with life through contract ACS
  • A network of partners of proximity



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