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CheckWan GPW: Groupware

The report carried out

The installation a solution of tools collaboratifs in company requires many components. First of all you must choose the editor of the solution. The operating system is often imposed by the solution itself. Comes then the choice from the material, and finally the tools of administration, safety and safeguards.

You have finally the whole of the elements necessary, it should now be assembled. It is possibly time to define a strategy of recovery on incident within the framework, for example, of a Recovery plan of activity (PRA), or overall of a Data-processing Plan of Help (PSI).

You are now in production run. How much speakers, of update or maintenance contracts are they necessary to make function your solution?

Our objectives and our solutions

CheckWan took into account the whole of this report to propose a solution which answers the following objectives:

  • To offer the functionalities necessary to a groupware in company
  • To supplement by functionalities of safety and administration
  • To manage the unit most simply possible and in a centralized way
  • To give the means of starting again quickly in the event of concern
  • To propose a material and software guarantee wide
  • To control the budget in investment as under operation

The CheckWan advantages

CheckWan is the only editor and manufacturer to propose a comprehensive solution of groupware in the form of appliance. CheckWan GPW is a complete machine which makes it possible to be freed from any administration of low level as well as maintenance contracts and updates multiple and often desynchronized between them. Among other advantages:

  • A solution lends to employment
  • No the problem of incompatibility
  • A simplified administration
  • A total, material and software guarantee.
  • And thus a reduced and known cost in advance

With that the advantages common to all the CheckWan solutions are also added, namely:

  • A guarantee with life through contract ACS
  • A network of partners of proximity



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