Security and Communications


CheckWan ALL in 1: Optimization of infrastructure

The report carried out

The IT manager must often reinvent the wheel when it is a question of assembling an architecture which makes it possible to make safe the corporate network, to inter-connect sites and to provide to the users a powerful transport.

These architectures are made up of offers multi editors and manufacturers, whose complexity of implementation could leave think that one has single needs in the world. Whereas actually it is not absolutely necessary to make safe and to communicate.

This complexity of implementation is only one before taste of the technical and contractual administration that this type of architecture generates. Guarantees, licences, contracts, updates, multiple formations by no means guarantee a system stable and protected in time.

Our objectives and our solutions

CheckWan took into account the needs for the companies which wish to have a complete system which simply makes it possible to communicate all being protected. The range CheckWan ALL allows:

  • To avoid any risk of incompatibility enters the various bricks of the information system
  • To have an optimal safety of the transport and network
  • To simply connect wandering distant locations or users
  • To simply manage the safety and the transport of the company
  • To propose a material and software guarantee wide
  • To control the budget in investment and operation

The CheckWan advantages

CheckWan is the only editor and manufacturer to propose a comprehensive solution offering of the functionalities networks, safety and groupware in the form of appliance. CheckWan ALL is appeared as a complete machine which makes it possible to be freed from any administration of low level as well as maintenance contracts and updates multiple and often desynchronized between them. Among other advantages:

  • A solution lends to employment
  • No the problem of incompatibility
  • A simplified administration
  • A total, material and software guarantee.
  • And thus a reduced and known cost in advance

With that the advantages common to all the CheckWan solutions are also added, namely:

  • A guarantee with life through contract ACS
  • A network of partners of proximity



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