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ICS for Insurance Continuity of Services

If there is indeed a subject which we do not like approaching during a new purchase it is well the one guarantees. And nevertheless without being a follower of the " law of Murphy ", it is all the same careful to envisage some precautions by verifying the contents and the duration of the proposed guarantees.

Contents of guarantees

The equipment and the software are they guaranteed?
By " appliance " it is necessary to understand material and software. The interest of an appliance would be strongly decreased if a guarantee aimed at covering only one of both parts.

Checkwan CheckWan proposes reliable appliances and strong with which the set is covered by the guarantee ACS.

Who parametrizes the new machine?
Generally guarantees "top of the range" propose an early exchange the objective of which is to make you lose least possible time when you are already in a difficult situation. Which damage to lose this time gained to try to get back your configuration

Checkwan Machine CheckWan is preventively sent and containing your own parameters.

Duration of guarantees

Which absurd situation that to have to change an equipment, which gives nevertheless completely satisfaction, just because it is not any more guaranteed.

Checkwan THE ICS or Insurance Continuity of Service proposes a complete guarantee of the solutions CheckWan without limitation of duration in the time.

The CheckWan ICS solution

CheckWan ICS was thought as a set of features and of guarantees having for objective, and as its name indicates it, to assure the continuity of services of your equipments.

The material and software guarantee without limitation of duration in the time aims at perpetuating your investment on the long term.






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