Security and Communications

Security Line
CheckWan UTM+
Groupware Line
CheckWan GPW
Integrated Solutions
CheckWan ALL in One

Protect your network meeting
legal requirement

The advantages of an appliance for the messaging system of your company

Architecture already validated before being installed

A full protection against intrusions, viruses, spams...

Take complete control of usage by filtering and identifying every single user

Advanced tools to connect different sites
and to allow access to remote users

A robust protection of your messaging server

Advanced management of bandwidth and inforcement of Quality of Service

A messaging server in an appliance

Multi-domains, multi-protocols

Accessible from the company or from the outside

A professional directory

Shared schedules

A protection of the streams of messaging against spams and viruses

Integrated backups

All the features of the lines

CheckWan UTM+ and GPW

Combined within the same appliance





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